Sunday, July 28, 2013

Season 1 Preview

We'll be kicking off our first season in about a month, but here's a reminder of where we're headed!



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Season One Lineup

Season one of Star Trek Essentials will be launching in August! While you wait, here's the lineup of episodes.

# -- Series Title, "Episode Title," season X episode number

1 -- Original Series, "Space Seed," 1x22, Pete & Matt discuss
2 -- Animated Series, "Yesteryear," 1x02, Commentary track
3 -- Deep Space 9, "Duet," 1x19, Matt discusses
4 -- The Next Generation, "Where No One Has Gone Before," 1x06, Pete & Matt discuss
5 -- Enterprise, "Shuttlepod One," 1x16, Commentary track
6 -- Voyager, "Eye of the Needle," 1x07, Matt discusses
7 -- Star Trek (2009 film), Pete & Matt discuss

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Looking ahead to season two, which will launch in late fall, here's a tentative list. It has not yet been put in podcast order.

TOS -- Naked Time
TAS -- More Trouble, More Tribbles
TNG -- Naked Now
DS9 -- Dax / Captive Pursuit (undecided)
VOY -- Phage / The Cloud / Thaw (undecided)
ENT -- A Night In Sickback / Desert Crossing (undecided)
FILM -- Star Trek Into Darkness

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Star Trek Essentials: Coming Soon!

In September, 2013, the Star Trek franchise will turn 50 years old! And, just in time, comes a new podcast: Star Trek Essentials.

Across 12 films, 5 live action shows, the animated series, and more, Star Trek Essentials will span the franchise and discuss the must-see stories that have help shaped scienve fiction in the last half century. For more information, please visit Star Trek and subscribe via iTunes today.

Star Trek Essentials: the thoughtful voyage home, 50 years in the making.