Sunday, July 7, 2013

Season One Lineup

Season one of Star Trek Essentials will be launching in August! While you wait, here's the lineup of episodes.

# -- Series Title, "Episode Title," season X episode number

1 -- Original Series, "Space Seed," 1x22, Pete & Matt discuss
2 -- Animated Series, "Yesteryear," 1x02, Commentary track
3 -- Deep Space 9, "Duet," 1x19, Matt discusses
4 -- The Next Generation, "Where No One Has Gone Before," 1x06, Pete & Matt discuss
5 -- Enterprise, "Shuttlepod One," 1x16, Commentary track
6 -- Voyager, "Eye of the Needle," 1x07, Matt discusses
7 -- Star Trek (2009 film), Pete & Matt discuss

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Looking ahead to season two, which will launch in late fall, here's a tentative list. It has not yet been put in podcast order.

TOS -- Naked Time
TAS -- More Trouble, More Tribbles
TNG -- Naked Now
DS9 -- Dax / Captive Pursuit (undecided)
VOY -- Phage / The Cloud / Thaw (undecided)
ENT -- A Night In Sickback / Desert Crossing (undecided)
FILM -- Star Trek Into Darkness

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